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Heaven & Hell

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1. Prelude   2:59
  Demonic Violin: Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg
2. Fugue 1/More Is More (Gluttony)   5:32
  Vocals: Joe Jackson
3. Angel (Lust)   7:10
  Vocals: Suzanne Vega, Dawn Upshaw, Joe Jackson
4. Tuzla (Avarice)   7:32
  Vocals: Joy Askew, Dawn Upshaw, Joe Jackson
5. Passacaglia/A Bud And A Slice (Sloth)   8:36
  Vocals: Brad Roberts, Joe Jackson
6. Right (Anger)   4:40
  Vocals: Joe Jackson
7. The Bridge (Envy)   5:59
  Vocals: Jane Siberry
8. Fugue 2/Song Of Daedalus (Pride)   7:55
  Vocals: Joe Jackson
Total running time: 50:33

All music, words and arrangements by Joe Jackson.
(Latin sections of 'Angel' based on 'Ave Gloriosa' by Philip the Chancellor, 14th century.)
Produced by Joe Jackson and Ed Roynesdal.

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Release formats:

Sep 1997   CD   Sony Classical SK 60273

Release dates:

 2 Sep 1997  US
 6 Sep 1997  IT*
24 Sep 1997  DE*
 1 Oct 1997  UK
* or earlier date

Joe Jackson speaks about 'Heaven & Hell'

The album is a CD Extra (also called Enhanced CD) with additional computer-readable material.

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