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Grammy Award (US)

Grammy nominations:


Edison Award (Netherlands)

The Edison is the oldest music award in the Netherlands. Since 1960 these awards are presented in the pop, classical and jazz genres for albums of exceptional quality.

An Edison Award went to Joe Jackson
in 1983 for "Night And Day" (in the "Singer/Songwriter" category)
in 1980 for "I'm The Man" (in the "Pop" category)

LINKS: Edison Awards
Wikipedia entry


B.Z.-Kulturpreis (Germany)

In January 2016, Joe was among seven recipients of this award, presented by the Berlin newspaper B.Z. The award honours "outstanding persons who have contributed through their work to Berlin's cultural and artistic diversity."

LINK: Wikipedia entry on the B.Z.-Kulturpreis (in German)


Billboard (US)

Best New Artist of 1979


Gleason Music Book Awards finalist (US)


Honorary degrees


Other awards

In February 2005 Joe Jackson was given the title Smokers' Rights Champion of the Year by FOREST at their Annual Awards ceremony, held at London's Groucho Club, "for his commitment to the cause, including numerous television and radio appearances voicing his opposition to a ban on smoking in public places".

LINK: FOREST press release

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