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Dave Houghton

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Dave Houghton

Dave Houghton was the original drummer of the Joe Jackson Band until he decided to leave the band in December 1980.

For some time he ran a drum shop called "The Drumpad" in Portsmouth (Southsea to be precise) and played locally in a drums/guitar duo named "Talking Sheep".

In 2002 Joe Jackson reunited the original band and Dave once again played the drums. He has been recording and touring with Joe ever since.

Year Artist Album or tour Instrument
2011 Nina Hagen Volksbeat drums
2008 Joe Jackson "Rain" tour drums
2008 Joe Jackson Rain drums
2007 Joe Jackson Tour 2007 drums
2006 Joe Jackson Joe Jackson Trio tour drums
2004 Joe Jackson Afterlife drums, backing vocals
2003 Joe Jackson Volume 4 drums, backing vocals
2002/03 Joe Jackson "Volume 4" tour drums
1980 Joe Jackson "Beat Crazy" tour drums, backing vocals
1980 Joe Jackson Beat Crazy drums, backing vocals
1980 Lincoln Thompson and the Rasses Natural Wild drums
1979/80 Joe Jackson "I'm The Man" tour drums, backing vocals
1979 Joe Jackson I'm The Man drums, backing vocals
1979 Joe Jackson "Look Sharp" tour drums
1979 Joe Jackson Look Sharp! drums

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