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Tom Teeley

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Tom Teeley

Year Artist Album or tour Instrument
??? various artists "Rain: The Beatles Experience" (see the show's official website) lead guitar and vocals (as 'George Harrison')
2007-2009 various artists "Classical Mystery Tour" musical (see the show's official website) lead guitar and vocals (as 'George Harrison')
1990/91 Joe Jackson "Laughter & Lust" tour guitar, vocals, keyboards
1991 Joe Jackson Laughter & Lust guitar, vocals
1991 Marshall Crenshaw Life's Too Short Teeley co-wrote "Better Back Off" and "Don't Disappear Now"
1989 Joe Jackson "Blaze Of Glory" tour guitar
1989 Joe Jackson Blaze Of Glory guitar
1989 Alice Cooper Trash backing vocals; he also co-wrote "This Maniac's In Love With You"
1987 Marshall Crenshaw Mary Jean & 9 Others guitar, vocals
1985/86 Joe Jackson "Big World" tour guitar, vocals
1984 Tom Teeley Tales Of Glamour And Distress  
1983 ? various artists Night in Heaven (Soundtrack) producer (partly)
1983 Marshall Crenshaw Field Day back-up vocals on "What Time Is It?"
1981 various artists Beatlemania (film, see IMDB entry) lead guitar and vocals (as 'George Harrison'); he also played this role in the Broadway musical of the same name
1979-1982 The Metromen no commercial release  


Tom Teeley

 1984  US  LP  A&M 4991
Shangri La / Victoria / A Rocket And A Roman Candle / Remember Gina / She Got Away / Tales Of Glamour And Distress / Long Way To Heaven / Bobalu / Woman In Love / Heartland

Produced by Neil Kernon and Tom Teeley

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