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"Night Moves" with foreword by Joe Jackson

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Don Breithaupt and Jeff Breithaupt
Night Moves – Pop Music in the Late '70s

paperback, 216 pages, $13.95
Griffin, July 2000
ISBN 0-312-19821-3

Here's the blurb for this book:

The late 1970s brought us an eclectic mix of popular music – everything from big hits (and even bigger hair) to cult favorites, along with the dawn of disco and punk, the coming of corporate rock, the rise of reggae and new wave, and some of the most progressive, inventive songwriting of the century.
    Whether you cranked up your radio for Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, the Bee Gees, Talking Heads, Rickie Lee Jones, or Earth, Wind and Fire, you'll relive those heady days with this irresistably readable, behind-the-scenes account of the "Frampton years," an era when pop became very big business. It's all here, from ABBA to Zevon. This feisty, funny volume will leave pop fans of every stripe feeling Reunited, Afternoon Delight-ed, and Still Crazy After All These Years.

Don Breithaupt and Jeff Breithaupt remember exactly where they were when the KISS Army invaded. Don, a three-time Juno Award nominee, is a musician and journalist; he lives in Bolton, Ontario. Jeff is a freelance writer and arts fund-raiser; he lives in New York City.

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