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Volume 4 warm-up gigs statistics

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Percentage of songs played grouped by original album

Most frequently played songstimes
Be My Number Two   7
Fairy Dust   7
I'm The Man   7
Is She Really Going Out With Him?   7
It's Different For Girls   7
Little Bit Stupid   7
Look Sharp!   7
On Your Radio   7
One More Time   7
Sunday Papers   7
Take It Like A Man   7
Got The Time   6
Home Town   6
Awkward Age   5
Chrome   4
Love At First Light   4
Real Men   4
Stranger Than Fiction   4
Thugz 'R' Us   4
Blue Flame   3
Bright Grey   3
Dirty Martini   3
Still Alive   3
Stranger Than You   3
You Can't Be Too Strong (Graham Parker cover)   2
Any Major Dude Will Tell You (Steely Dan cover)   1
Be My Number Two (with band)   1
Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)   1
For No One (Beatles cover)   1
Life On Mars? (David Bowie cover)   1
Satin Doll (Duke Ellington cover)   1

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