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Films that Joe Jackson has written music for

1994    The White Cat
1993    Three of Hearts
1992    I'm Your Man
1990    Queens Logic
1988    Tucker: The Man and His Dream
1987    Private Eye
1985    Shijin No Ie (House of the Poet)
1983    Mike's Murder

Note: The years quoted in above list refer to the time when Joe wrote, recorded or released the music and not to the release of the film.

Details of films, including links to
The Internet Movie Database which has this page on Joe Jackson:

The White Cat
US 1994 (Rabbit Ears)
Narrated by Emma Thompson

This isn't a film, really, but rather an illustrated storybook on video.
It was also released as an audio tape. See this page for more details.

Three of Hearts
US 1993 (Touchstone)
Director: Yurek Bogayevicz

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I'm Your Man
US 1992 (Interfilm)
Director: Bob Bejan

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Queens Logic
US 1991
Director: Steve Rash

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Tucker: The Man and His Dream
US 1988 (Lucasfilm)
Director: Francis Ford Coppola

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Private Eye
US 1987 (NBC TV)
Director: Mark Tinker

Shijin No Ie (House of the Poet)
JP 1985
Director: Osamu Takahashi

A soundtrack album was released in Japan in 1985.
A re-written version of part of this score, entitled "Symphony In One Movement", was released on the album Will Power in 1987.

Mike's Murder
US 1984 (Warner Bros.)
Director: James Bridges
Additional film music by John Barry

More info on all the above film scores on the side projects page on JJ's website.

Film inspired by Joe's music

US 1994/5
Director: Mitchell Walker

This 23-minute film, produced by Francis Ford Coppola, was made as part of a series of short films for VH-1, each based on the music of a particular artist. All the music in the film is taken from Joe's album "Night Music" and he was closely involved in the making of the film. For more information see the film scores page on JJ's website.

Lyric quote taken from "Happy Ending"

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