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Arms & Legs        
 Arms & Legs
 (from top left to bottom right):
   Dave Cairns – drums
   Clive Bates – guitar
   Mark Andrews – vocals, guitar
   Graham Maby – bass
   Joe Jackson – keyboards

In 1974 Joe Jackson joined a local Portsmouth band called Edward Bear. At that time it consisted of Terry on bass, Jim on guitar and Steve Hollins on drums.

In 1975 – the line-up had meanwhile changed to the one listed below – the band signed a recording contract with UK label MAM Records. Being told that 'Edward Bear' was already the name of a Canadian group, the band changed its name first to Edwin Bear and then to Arms & Legs.

Apart from cover versions the band also played original songs, some written by Mark Andrews, some by Joe Jackson. Three singles were released by MAM in the UK which didn't chart. Joe left the band in October 1976.

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UK singles by Arms & Legs

She'll Surprise You

9 April 1976   UK  7"   MAM 140

Heat Of The Night
Good Times

 Aug 1976   UK  7"   MAM 147

Is There Anymore Wine
She'll Surprise You

 Feb 1977   UK  7"   MAM 156

Singles released outside the UK

She'll Surprise You

 1976   FR  7"   Eurodisc 911 034

Heat Of The Night
Good Times

 1976   DE  7"   MAM 006 EVC 98 123

as "Edward"
(Is There) Anymore Wine (version differs from UK single)
Good Times

 1977?   BE  7"   Sinus 120-3057

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