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This page gives calculated estimates for the number of live performances of each song based on the known set lists.
For details see the explanatory notes at the bottom of this page.

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Based on 418 set lists representing a total of 1117 concerts

Total number of live performances (calculated estimate)
1ca. 872 timesIs She Really Going Out With Him?from the album Look Sharp! (1979)
2ca. 837 timesIt's Different For Girlsfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
3ca. 835 timesSteppin' Outfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
4ca. 659 timesI'm The Manfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
5ca. 608 timesOne More Timefrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
6ca. 563 timesYou Can't Get What You Wantfrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
7ca. 530 timesA Slow Songfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
8ca. 499 timesGot The Timefrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
9ca. 486 timesHome Townfrom the album Big World (1986)
10ca. 469 timesOn Your Radiofrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
11ca. 427 timesAnother Worldfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
12ca. 425 timesReal Menfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
13ca. 411 timesSunday Papersfrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
14ca. 366 timesBreaking Us In Twofrom the album Night And Day (1982)
15ca. 355 timesLook Sharp!from the album Look Sharp! (1979)
16ca. 337 timesBe My Number Twofrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
17ca. 330 timesFools In Lovefrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
18ca. 263 timesFridayfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
19ca. 252 timesDon't Wanna Be Like Thatfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
20ca. 247 timesNineteen Foreverfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
21ca. 245 timesStranger Than Fictionfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
22ca. 238 timesChinatownfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
23ca. 234 timesRight And Wrongfrom the album Big World (1986)
24ca. 206 timesTake It Like A Manfrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
25ca. 202 timesBeat Crazyfrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
26ca. 195 timesJumpin' Jivefrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
27ca. 179 timesCancerfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
28ca. 178 timesObvious Songfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
29ca. 174 timesAwkward Agefrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
30ca. 174 timesWhat's The Use Of Getting Soberfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
31ca. 174 timesDown To Londonfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
32ca. 154 timesLove At First Lightfrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
33ca. 154 timesThe Other Mefrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
34ca. 152 timesBlaze Of Gloryfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
35ca. 152 timesRant And Ravefrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
36ca. 140 timesThe Jet Setfrom the album Big World (1986)
37ca. 139 timesTargetfrom the album Night And Day (1982)
38ca. 128 timesGoin' Downtownfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
39ca. 125 timesThe Man Who Wrote Danny Boyfrom the album Night Music (1994)
40ca. 123 timesT.V. Agefrom the album Night And Day (1982)
41ca. 119 timesCitizen Sanefrom the album Rain (2008)
42ca. 112 timesSolo (So Low)from the album Rain (2008)
43ca. 101 timesJack, You're Deadfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
44ca. 100 timesTuxedo Junctionfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
45ca. 98 timesThe Uptown Trainfrom the album Rain (2008)
46ca. 97 timesCha Cha Locofrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
47ca. 96 timesJamie G.from the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
48ca. 96 timesWild Westfrom the album Big World (1986)
49ca. 92 timesKinda Kutefrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
50ca. 92 timesInvisible Manfrom the album Rain (2008)
51ca. 90 timesFairy Dustfrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
52ca. 88 timesDirty Martinifrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
53ca. 86 timesHappy Loving Couplesfrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
54ca. 86 timesBaby Stick Aroundfrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
55ca. 86 timesThe Harder They Comenon-album track
56ca. 86 timesSoul Kissfrom the album Big World (1986)
57ca. 84 timesToo Toughfrom the album Rain (2008)
58ca. 84 timesEver Afterfrom the album Night Music (1994)
59ca. 84 timesOh Wellfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
60ca. 83 timesShanghai Skyfrom the album Big World (1986)
61ca. 83 timesSurvivalfrom the album Big World (1986)
62ca. 81 timesThrow It Awayfrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
63ca. 81 timesTonight And Foreverfrom the album Big World (1986)
64ca. 81 timesSea Of Secretsfrom the album Night Music (1994)
65ca. 78 timesMan In The Streetfrom the album Big World (1986)
66ca. 77 times(It's A) Big Worldfrom the album Big World (1986)
67ca. 77 timesNocturne No. 2from the album Night Music (1994)
68ca. 77 timesOnly The Futurefrom the album Night Music (1994)
69ca. 76 timesAcropolis Nowfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
70ca. 75 timesNocturne No. 4from the album Night Music (1994)
71ca. 74 timesKing Pleasure Timefrom the album Rain (2008)
72ca. 74 timesNot Here, Not Nowfrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
73ca. 73 timesFor Your Love (Yardbirds cover)cover version
74ca. 72 timesLove Got Lostfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
75ca. 71 timesLittle Bit Stupidfrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
76ca. 70 timesStranger Than Youfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
77ca. 69 timesStayfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
78ca. 69 timesEleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)cover version
79ca. 68 timesTomorrow's Worldfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
80ca. 68 timesThe Best I Can Dofrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
81ca. 68 timesMe And You (Against The World)from the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
82ca. 68 timesGlamour And Painfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
83ca. 63 timesJust Because…from the album Night And Day II (2000)
84ca. 63 timesPreludefrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
85ca. 63 timesHell Of A Townfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
86ca. 62 timesA Place In The Rainfrom the album Rain (2008)
87ca. 62 timesDon't Get Around Much Anymorecover version
88ca. 61 timesGood Bad Boyfrom the album Rain (2008)
89ca. 59 timesWasted Timefrom the album Rain (2008)
90ca. 57 timesRush Across The Roadfrom the album Rain (2008)
91ca. 57 timesForty Yearsfrom the album Big World (1986)
92ca. 56 timesGirl (Beatles cover)cover version
93ca. 56 timesFifty Dollar Love Affairfrom the album Big World (1986)
94ca. 54 timesAin't That A Shame (Fats Domino cover)cover version
95ca. 52 timesRightfrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
96ca. 52 timesMore Is Morefrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
97ca. 52 timesPreludefrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
98ca. 52 timesAngelfrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
99ca. 52 timesTuzlafrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
100ca. 52 timesA Bud And A Slicefrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
101ca. 52 timesFitfrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
102ca. 52 timesPretty Boysfrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
103ca. 51 timesHeart Of Icefrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
104ca. 51 timesThe Verdictfrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
105ca. 51 timesGo For Itfrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
106ca. 51 timesMemphisfrom the album Mike's Murder(1983)
107ca. 51 timesPressure Drop (Maytals cover)cover version
108ca. 50 timesGeraldine And Johnfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
109ca. 49 timesCome Oncover version
110ca. 48 times(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave (Martha and the Vandellas cover)cover version
111ca. 48 timesUptight (Everything's Alright) (Stevie Wonder cover)cover version
112ca. 48 timesI'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Dee Dee Warwick cover)cover version
113ca. 48 timesHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (Marvin Gaye cover)cover version
114ca. 48 timesTears Of A Clown (Miracles cover)cover version
115ca. 47 timesThe Bridgefrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
116ca. 47 timesSong Of Deadalusfrom the album Heaven & Hell (1997)
117ca. 47 timesSentimental Thingfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
118ca. 47 timesTake The 'A' Traincover version
119ca. 47 timesReeling' In The Years (Steely Dan cover)cover version
120ca. 47 timesPretty Girlsfrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
121ca. 46 timesWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles cover)cover version
122ca. 46 timesThe Human Touchfrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
123ca. 45 timesBody And Soulcover version
124ca. 45 timesSoul Makossa (Manu Dibango cover)cover version
125ca. 44 timesIs You Is Or Is You Ain't My Babyfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
126ca. 44 timesMad At Youfrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
127ca. 44 timesFor No One (Beatles cover)cover version
128ca. 43 timesJumpin' With Symphony Sidfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
129ca. 43 timesWhen You're Not Aroundfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
130ca. 42 timesCrime Don't Payfrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
131ca. 41 timesDrowningfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
132ca. 40 timesScary Monsters (David Bowie cover)cover version
133ca. 40 timesHappylandfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
134ca. 38 timesNobody Knows You When You're Down And Outcover version
135ca. 38 timesStompin' At The Savoy (Bennie Goodman cover)cover version
136ca. 38 timesMinnie The Moochercover version
137ca. 38 timesHow Long Must I Wait For Youfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
138ca. 38 timesSan Francisco Fanfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
139ca. 38 timesYou're My Meatfrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
140ca. 38 timesFive Guys Named Moefrom the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
141ca. 38 timesWe The Cats (Shall Hep Ya)from the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
142ca. 38 timesChromefrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
143ca. 37 timesEvil Empirefrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
144ca. 37 timesDisciplinefrom the album Blaze Of Glory (1989)
145ca. 36 timesBiologyfrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
146ca. 35 timesStill Alivefrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
147ca. 35 timesThugz 'R' Usfrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
148ca. 35 timesOut Of Stylenon-album track
149ca. 34 timesOne To Onefrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
150ca. 32 timesDrunk Songnon-album track
151ca. 32 timesHappy Endingfrom the album Body And Soul (1984)
152ca. 30 timesThe Evil Eyefrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
153ca. 29 timesAny Major Dude Will Tell You (Steely Dan cover)cover version
154ca. 29 timesTango Atlanticofrom the album Big World (1986)
155ca. 29 timesBright Greyfrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
156ca. 27 timesDirty Love (Frank Zappa cover)cover version
157ca. 26 timesMy Housefrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
158ca. 25 timesTexas And Pacificcover version
159ca. 25 timesYou Run Your Mouth (And I'll Run My Business)from the album Jumpin' Jive (1981)
160ca. 24 timesHello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend?non-album track
161ca. 22 timesI Can't Give You Anything (Ramones cover)cover version
162ca. 22 timesYou Can't Be Too Strong (Graham Parker cover)cover version
163ca. 20 timesGet That Girlfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
164ca. 18 timesKnowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA cover)cover version
165ca. 18 timesBlue Flamefrom the album Volume 4 (2003)
166ca. 18 timesYou Can't Do That (Beatles cover)cover version
167ca. 17 timesWe Can't Live Togetherfrom the album Big World (1986)
168ca. 17 timesIt's All Too Muchfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
169ca. 17 timesInbetweenies (Ian Dury cover)cover version
170ca. 16 timesLullabyfrom the album Night Music (1994)
171ca. 16 timesHit Singlefrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
172ca. 16 timesLife Is Just A Bowl Of Cherriescover version
173ca. 15 timesDear Momfrom the album Night And Day II (2000)
174ca. 15 timesSomeone Up Therefrom the album Beat Crazy (1980)
175ca. 15 timesAmateur Hourfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
176ca. 15 timesI Feel Possessed (Crowded House cover)cover version
177ca. 14 timesThe Old Songsfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
178ca. 13 timesThe Mayor Of Simpleton (XTC cover)cover version
179ca. 13 timesKnock Me A Kissnon-album track
180ca. 12 timesHeroes (David Bowie cover)cover version
181ca. 11 timesThe In Crowdcover version
182ca. 9 timesSatin Doll (Duke Ellington cover)cover version
183ca. 9 timesCaravan (Duke Ellington cover)cover version
184ca. 9 timesLife On Mars (David Bowie cover)cover version
185ca. 9 timesSunglasses In The Rainnon-album track
186ca. 9 timesTrying To Cryfrom the album Laughter & Lust (1991)
187ca. 8 timesPrecious Timefrom the album Big World (1986)
188ca. 7 timesThe Band Wore Blue Shirtsfrom the album I'm The Man (1979)
189ca. 7 times(Do The) Instant Mashfrom the album Look Sharp! (1979)
190ca. 7 timesEnough Is Not Enoughnon-album track
191ca. 7 timesDrive-In Saturday (David Bowie cover)cover version
192ca. 6 timesKing Of The World (Steely Dan cover)cover version
193ca. 5 timesMoonlightfrom the album Mike's Murder(1983)
194ca. 5 timesCosmopolitanfrom the album Mike's Murder(1983)
195ca. 3 timesRose Darling (Steely Dan cover)cover version
196ca. 3 timesI'm Looking Through You (Beatles cover)cover version
197ca. 3 timesSenses Working Overtime (XTC cover)cover version
198ca. 3 timesSummer In The Citycover version
199ca. 3 timesKarma Police (Radiohead cover)cover version
200ca. 3 timesMood Indigocover version
201ca. 3 timesYeh Yeh (Georgie Fame cover)cover version
202ca. 3 timesFrank & Ava (Suzanne Vega cover)cover version
203ca. 2 timesIn 20-0-3non-album track
204ca. 2 timesSolitudefrom the album Will Power (1987)
205ca. 2 timesNocturnefrom the album Will Power (1987)
206ca. 2 timesNo Pasaranfrom the album Will Power (1987)
207ca. 2 timesSymphony In One Movementfrom the album Will Power (1987)
208ca. 2 timesWill Powerfrom the album Will Power (1987)
209ca. 2 timesOver The Rainbowcover version
210ca. 2 timesJunkie Girl (Walter Becker cover)cover version
211ca. 1 timeDon't Ask Why (Ron Sexsmith cover)cover version

The following songs were never played in concert:

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