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Joe Jackson's lyrics can be accessed courtesy of a site imaginatively called The Man Who Wrote "The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy". (Some links are to LyricWiki.)
Albums are indicated by the usual two-letter code. For songs in lighter type Joe did not write the words.

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Amateur Hour  (IM)
Angel  (HH)
Another World  (ND)
Awkward Age  (V4)


Baby Stick Around  (LS)
The Band Wore Blue Shirts  (IM)
Battleground  (BC)
Be My Number Two  (BS)
Beat Crazy  (BC)
The Best I Can Do  (BG)
Big World -> (It's A) Big World  (BW)
Biology  (BC)
El Blanco (Spanish version of Target)
Blaze Of Glory  (BG)
Blue Flame  (V4)
Breaking Us In Two  (ND)
The Bridge  (HH)
Bright Grey  (V4)
A Bud And A Slice  (HH)


Cancer  (ND)
Cha Cha Loco  (BS)
Chinatown  (ND)
Chrome  (V4)
Citizen Sane  (RN)
Cosmopolitan  (MM)
Crime Don't Pay  (BC)


Dear Mom  (ND2)
Different For Girls (New Recording)
Dirty Martini  (V4)
Discipline  (BG)
(Do The) Instant Mash  (LS)
Don't Ask Me
Don't Wanna Be Like That  (IM)
Down To London  (BG)
Drowning  (LL)


Eleanor Rigby  (SC)
Enough Is Not Enough
Ever After  (NM)
Evil Empire  (BG)
The Evil Eye  (BC)


Fairy Dust  (V4)
Fifty Dollar Love Affair  (BW)
Fit  (BC)
Five Guys Named Moe  (JU)
Flying  (NM)
Fools In Love  (LS)
For Your Love – together with Joe's song "Fools In Love"  (SC)
Forty Years  (BW)
Friday  (IM)


Geraldine And John  (IM)
Get That Girl  (IM)
Glamour And Pain  (ND2)
Go For It  (BS)
Goin' Downtown  (LL)
Good Bad Boy  (RN)
Got The Time  (LS)


Happy Ending  (BS)
Happy Loving Couples  (LS)
Happyland  (ND2)
(He's A) Shape In A Drape  (TU)
Heart Of Ice  (BS)
Hell Of A Town  (ND2)
Hit Single  (LL)
Home Town  (BW)
How Long Must I Wait For You  (JU)
The Human Touch  (BG)


I'm The Man  (IM)
In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)  (BC)
Instant Mash -> (Do The) Instant Mash  (LS)
Is She Really Going Out With Him?  (LS)
Invisible Man  (RN)
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby  (JU)
(It's A) Big World  (BW)
It's All Too Much  (LL)
It's Different For Girls  (IM)


Jack, You're Dead  (JU)
Jamie G.  (LL)
Jenny Jenny
The Jet Set  (BW)
Jumpin' Jive  (JU)
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid  (JU)
Just Because...  (ND2)


Kinda Kute  (IM)
King Of The World  (SC)
King Pleasure Time  (RN)
Knock Me A Kiss


Laundromat Monday  (MM)
Little Bit Stupid  (V4)
Look Sharp!  (LS)
Love At First Light  (V4)
Love Got Lost  (ND2)
Lullaby  (NM)


Mad At You  (BC)
Man In The Street  (BW)
The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy  (NM)
Me And You (Against The World)  (BG)
Memphis  (MM)
Mood Indigo  (SC)
Moonlight  (MM)
More Is More  (HH)
My House  (LL)


Nineteen Forever  (BG)
Not Here, Not Now  (BS)


Obvious Song  (LL)
Oh Well  (LL)
The Old Songs  (LL)
On Your Radio  (IM)
One More Time  (LS)
One To One  (BC)
1-2-3 Go (This Town's A Fairground)  (MM)
Only The Future  (NM)
The Other Me  (LL)
Out Of Style


A Place In The Rain  (RN)
Precious Time  (BW)
Pretty Boys  (BC)
Pretty Girls  (LS)


Rant And Rave  (BG)
Real Men  (ND)
Rhythm Delivery  (TU)
Right  (HH)
Right And Wrong  (BW)
Rush Across The Road  (RN)


San Francisco Fan  (JU)
Sea Of Secrets  (NM)
Sentimental Thing  (BG)
Shanghai Sky  (BW)
Shape In A Drape -> (He's A) Shape In A Drape  (TU)
A Slow Song  (ND)
Solitude  (WP)
Solo (So Low)  (RN)
Someone Up There  (BC)
Song Of Daedalus  (HH)
Soul Kiss  (BW)
Statue Of Liberty
Stay  (ND2)
Steppin' Out  (ND)
Still Alive  (V4)
Stranger Than Fiction  (LL)
Stranger Than You  (ND2)
Summer In The City  (SC)
Sunday Papers  (LS)
Survival  (BW)


T.V. Age  (ND)
Take It Like A Man  (V4)
Tango Atlantico  (BW)
Target  (ND)
The Harder They Come
Throw It Away  (LS)
Thugz 'R' Us  (V4)
Tiger Rag  (TU)
Tomorrow's World  (BG)
Tonight And Forever  (BW)
Too Tough  (RN)
Trying To Cry  (LL)
Tuxedo Junction  (JU)
Tuzla  (HH)


The Uptown Train  (RN)


The Verdict  (BS)


Wasted Time  (RN)
We Can't Live Together  (BW)
We The Cats (Shall Hep Ya)  (JU)
What's The Use Of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)  (JU)
When You're Not Around  (LL)
Why  (ND2)
Wild West  (BW)


You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)  (BS)
You Got The Fever
You Run Your Mouth (And I'll Run My Business)  (JU)
You're My Meat  (JU)

Two-letter album code:

LS = Look Sharp! (1979)
IM = I'm The Man (1979)
BC = Beat Crazy (1980)
JU = Jumpin' Jive (1981)
ND = Night And Day (1982)
MM = Mike's Murder (1983)
BS = Body And Soul (1984)
BW = Big World (1986)
WP = Will Power (1987)
TU = Tucker – The Man And His Dream (1988)
BG = Blaze Of Glory (1989)
LL = Laughter & Lust (1991)
NM = Night Music (1994)
HH = Heaven & Hell (1997)
SC = Summer In The City (2000)
ND2 = Night And Day II (2000)
V4 = Volume 4 (2003)
RN = Rain (2008)

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