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Dates and facts which are not quite certain are given in italics.

ca. 1965 First instrument played violin at age 11
ca. 1968/69 First LP Joe bought Beethoven's Eroica Symphony  
?? First concert Joe attended Hallé Orchestra at the Guildhall in Portsmouth, playing Beethoven's Seventh Symphony  
ca. 1972 First rock concert Joe attended Curved Air  
?? First song Joe sang in public "When I'm 64" by the Beatles with The Misty Set
early Aug 1977 First concert as "Joe Jackson Band" Portsmouth, Cumberland Tavern  
28 Sept 1978 First tour started Cleethorpes, Winter Garden UK tour as support for The Pleasers
31 Oct 1978 First single released "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" with "You Got The Fever" as the B-side on A&M in the UK
6 Jan 1979 First interview with Joe Jackson published Sounds (UK), issue 6 Jan 1979  
6 Jan 1979 First magazine with Joe Jackson on the cover Sounds (UK), issue 6 Jan 1979  
10 Feb 1979 First TV appearance The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2, UK) Joe and band performed "Sunday Papers" and "Fools In Love"
17 March 1979 First chart entry Look Sharp! in the UK album charts  
April 1979 First concert in the US New York, NY, Mudd Club  
late Sept 1979 First concert broadcast live on the radio New York, NY, Palladium, broadcast live on WNEW-FM radio/TV simulcast
late Sept 1979 First concert broadcast live on TV New York, NY, Palladium, broadcast live on WNEW-TV radio/TV simulcast
ca. Dec 1979 First live tracks "Throw It Away" and "Come On" (on the Propaganda LP)  
25 Nov 1982 First (and so far only) concert in the Caribbean Montego Bay, Jamaica during the Jamaica World Music Festival
8 April 1983 First concert in Japan Tokyo  
Sept 1983 First film soundtrack Mike's Murder soundtrack LP  
Sept 1983 First instrumental tracks The three tracks on side two of the Mike's Murder soundtrack LP  
6 Jan 2001 First concert in the former Eastern Bloc Leipzig, Gewandhaus on the Night And Day II Tour

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