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Year Title
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JJ's music used
DVD cover Remarks
2009L'affaire Farewell

IMDb entry
 Steppin' Out
Soundtrack album contains JJ track
2005The Greatest Game Ever Played

IMDb entry
 Angel (instrumental)
 Angel (Dawn Upshaw vocals)
 Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend?
Soundtrack album contains the three JJ tracks
1999200 Cigarettes

IMDb entry
 It's Different For GirlsSoundtrack album contains JJ track
1998There's Something About Mary

IMDb entry
 Is She Really Going Out With Him?Soundtrack album contains JJ track
1998The Big Hit

IMDb entry
 I'm The ManThe film (and the soundtrack album) features the cover version by Buck-O-Nine
1996Different for Girls

IMDb entry
 It's Different For GirlsSoundtrack album contains JJ track
1995Das verletzte Lächeln

IMDb entry
 We Can't Live Together International title: The Injured Smile

IMDb entry
 Night Music album  
1983Party Party

IMDb entry
1982Making Love

IMDb entry
 Another World 
1981Riding High

IMDb entry
 I'm The Man (?)Soundtrack album contains JJ track
1980Times Square

IMDb entry
 Pretty BoysSoundtrack album contains JJ track

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