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Year Type Title JJ's music used First performance Further performances Written by Cast Remarks
2012 musical Joe Jackson's Night and Day all songs from Night And Day and Night And Day II 8 Aug 2012
Richmond, VA, USA
Richmond Triangle Players
9-18 Aug 2012
same venue
Andrew Hamm Band: Andrew Hamm (keyboards), Jake Allard (percussion), Adam Young (drums) Philip Hamm (electric bass), Michael Knowles (cello), Seamus Guy (violin); Singers/actors: Andrew Hamm, Augustin J. Correro, Kedron Dunn, Rebecca Anne Muhleman, Anne Carr Regan, Liz Blake White Directed by Andrew Hamm and Stacie Rearden Hall
2007 musical Heaven & Hell – The Fantastical Temptation of the 7 Deadly Sins album Heaven & Hell 7 March 2007
Boston, MA, USA
Boston Conservatory
8-11 March 2007
same venue
Jason Slavick Boston Conservatory Theater Ensemble  
2004 musical Joe Jackson's Night & Day songs from Night And Day and Night And Day II:

Steppin' Out / Prelude / Hell Of A Town / Stranger Than You / Another World / Chinatown / Why? / Dear Mom / Real Men / A Slow Song / Breaking Us In Two / T.V. Age / Glamour And Pain / Cancer / Happyland / Love Got Lost / Just Because... / Target / Stay/Steppin' Out
16 April 2004
Richmond, VA, USA
RF&P Forum in the Science Museum of Virginia
17 April 2004
same venue
Andrew Hamm Band: Andrew Hamm (keyboards), Philip Hamm (electric bass), Joe Evans (congas), Adam Young (drums), Anna Sosa (violin), Rebecca Bernard (cello, keyboards and claves); Singers/actors: Andrew Hamm, Tonia Campanella, Eric Fletcher, Lorri Lindberg, Brad Brubaker, Sally Dae Courtois, Julia Rigby, Catherine Nelson, Karen Hamm  
1997 ballet A Cure for Gravity music from Heaven & Hell Nov 1997
San Antonio, TX, USA
Carver Community Cultural Center
20-25 Oct 1998, New York, NY, Joyce Theatre; 30 Sept-3 Oct 1999, Minneapolis, MN, Barbara Barker Center for Dance; 4-5 Aug 2000, Lewiston, ME, Schaeffer Theatre David Dorfman 6 dancers; costumes by Liz Prince, set by Andy Benavides, lighting by ChloŽ Z. Brown  
1997 ballet Tower music from Heaven & Hell 2 Sept 1997
Durham, NC, USA
Reynolds Theater at Duke University
  David Dorfman    

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