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Footnotes to "Beat Crazy"

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In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)

The song title probably refers to the LINK:Roxy Music song "In Every Dream Home (A Heartache)"

The Evil Eye

"I got a job in SE15 ..."
LINK:SE15 is the postcode for LINK:Peckham, an area in the south-east of London.

"I got the Cramps on the stereo ..."
That LINK:Cramps LP on the stereo would have been "Songs The Lord Taught Us" (released in March 1980) which contained the track "Zombie Dance". The Cramps were a US band formed in 1975.

Crime Don't Pay

"Crime doesn't pay" is/was a slogan of the FBI and the cartoon detective LINK:Dick Tracy, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, revised 4th edition.


(Dedicated to Linton Kwesi Johnson)
LINK:Linton Kwesi Johnson (1952- ), British dub poet.


"All ugly sisters must wear glass slippers ..."
References to the fairytale of LINK:Cinderella.

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