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Footnotes to "Heaven & Hell"

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LINK:Tuzla is a city in Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia).

A Bud And A Slice

"Give me a bud and a slice ..."
Bud, short for LINK:Budweiser, is an American beer. The name comes from the Czech town of Budvar (Budweis in German) where this type of beer originated and where the original Budweiser beer is still being brewed.

"Give me a bud and a slice ..."
This is probably a slice of LINK:pizza. Beer and pizza are supposedly the favourite food of so-called couch potatoes, i.e. people who spend long hours in front of the television.

"Who needs your micro-brew."
micro-brew = beer from a LINK:micro-brewery

"Give me the new TV Guide ..."
LINK:TV Guide is an American weekly TV listings magazine.

"Last week, saw the new Tarantino ..."
LINK:Quentin Tarantino (1963- ), American film director

LINK: Internet Movie Database entry for Quentin Tarantino

"It's just like the Beano ..."
The LINK:Beano is a comic strip first published in 1938.

"... and L.A.'s so hot ..."
LINK:Los Angeles, California


"Methinks I doth protest too much ..."
Compare "The lady protests too much, methinks" in LINK:Hamlet (act 3, scene 2) by LINK:William Shakespeare (1564-1616).

The Bridge

"And the prince with the slipper appears ..."
References to the fairytale of LINK:Cinderella.

Song Of Daedalus

LINK:Daedalus. A legendary Athenian, father of Icarus, who formed the Cretan labyrinth and made wings, by means of which he flew from Crete across the archipelago.

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