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The following questions have been nagging me for some time. See if you can provide any answers...

? The Will Power booklet mentions that the track "Will Power" was originally written as "Overture For Two Pianos" for Katia and Marielle Labèque.
Does anyone know whether this French piano duo ever performed or recorded "Overture For Two Pianos"?

? As far as I know there were two live performances of music from the Will Power album in Tokyo by the Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in April 1988. (See this page.)
Does anyone have more details? Can anyone confirm that Joe Jackson played piano at these concerts? Have any reviews been published?

? In an interview with Sounds, March 1980, Joe said: "I just did a 'Star Special' and I tried to play as much of everything as possible. Radio's so colourless, you know? So I just played the widest selection I could possibly find: some reggae, some salsa, some ska, rockabilly, everything."
Apparently, this was on BBC Radio 1 on 2 March 1980 between 7 and 9pm.
Does anyone have a track list or a recording of this radio show?

? In a promotional interview that was published when 'Big World' was released the interviewer tells Joe that she saw him on stage with Joan Armatrading on her 'Secret Secrets' tour.
I know that Joe played piano on two tracks of her album (see collaborations), but did he also go on tour with Joan Armatrading?

Answer so far: At the New York City concert of her tour, which was at Radio City Music Hall, Joe Jackson came out to accompany her on the two songs. He apparently only did this that one night. Someone else saw another concert from that tour where he didn't appear.

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